Vero2 crashes, no clue why

Over last days I configured my system and since questerday vero2 crashes randomly.
Not able to connect via ssh. Cant controll kodi with remote, via cec or yatse app.
System is up to date. First I thought it’s because of my logitech remote and on/off button sending also the cec command off. Actually theres an option to disable that behaviour in kodi: settings → system → power management → function for “off”… Why is this option greyed out.

Well turns out now it also happens in full operation.
Here is the output of grab-logs -A:

Try adding <loglevel>1</loglevel> to advancedsettings.xml to allow for better visibility on what might crash your vero

I did. …No crash since yesterday evening. Will look in the evening again, if everything works I guess I’ll have to navigate around in kodi, play streams/videos maybe crash happens again.
I hope it doesn’t overheat or sth. Didn’t felt warm last I checked.