Vero2 MPEG-2 activation

Hey folks,

I got a little new pet in our family, which is the Vero2. I’m trying to setup it up for fetching the stream from DVBLink server. Setup of DVBLink client add-on went well, TV menu and channel overview is accessible via Kodi menu. Though when clicking channel, aside of a loading bar nothing happens.
I meanwhile learned that I have to activate MPEG-2 hardware decoding via license - anybody can confirm from own experience with Vero2? Explanation to get license is available BUT configuring license key is not available via OSMC.

Where I was looking for license configuration:

  1. System → My OSMC - license is supposingly added in PI Config (raspberry symbol) but that icon is not shown
  2. Via SSH /boot/config.txt decode_MPG2 - config.txt is not available in folder and other files in folder do not contain config parameter.

OSMC version: 2016.9-1
Kodi version: 16.1

Do I have to install MPEG license for DVBLink TV channels to get it running and how to do it?

Thanks for getting little baby running :wink:

There is no need to install licenses for hardware accelerated MPEG2 playback on Vero 2. I suggest a debug log so we can see what the real issue is with playing the stream

Hey Sam,

sorry for late reply but took some time to dig deeper into it as I also faced outages on other devices. Thanks for saving me spending too much time on investigating further the license question - I was impressed by your response time! Meanwhile whole system is running fine with all live TV channels and recordings.


I’m glad to hear you are now up and running