Vero2 remote jumping


I have an odd issue whereby the remote seems to be getting interference as it jumps between certain key presses and this is causing issues when trying to select media etc.

For example I press Ok to start playback and it brings up the sub menu and jumps between play/pause. When scrolling media libraries it suddenly scrolls uncontrollably up/down.

I have isolated all forms of interference which would be causing the issue and it remains.

Is there any logs I can provide to assist in resolving the issue?

We are aware of this problem and we are still working on a solution.

I’ve also noticed this on my RPi3 :disappointed:.

We have fixed this for Vero 2. It will be available in the next OSMC update

If you are experiencing the problem on Raspberry Pi then this sounds like a hardware issue. I’ve not heard of this problem on Pi before. Send me your order # and we will dispatch you a replacement remote tomorrow morning

No need to return the original.


I actually meant I’m having similar issue on my RPi3 with my Harmony remote (LIRC via GPIO). Especially when in the controls menu within a video. I’m using the MCE control in OSMC and Harmony (found instructions here).
Initially it worked perfect on 2014.04-2, since 3 days this behavior started.
I’ll triple check all my hardware and even do a clean install if needed …