Vero2: Testbuild for Kodi 17

Hi Sam
I like the new “Music” features in Github Kodi 17, and will take a look. What’s is in your pipeline for Testbuilds Kodi 17 for Vero2.



I was planning to do v17 builds once the Beta stage is hit, so that we can make sure all platforms are working as expected.

It is possible to compile a v17 build from source and try it yourself. I could provide some instructions on this, but some patches would need rebasing / fixing up. You’d be able to use all of @gmc’s patches which he uses for Raspberry Pi.

If there is demand for v17 builds, I can see if I can produce a semi-regular one.



do we have any updates on this topic?
Kodi is not at the Beta2 and would Kodi 17 already running on the Vero I don’t need the annoying Andoid dual boot any more.


Test builds for all platforms will come soon. We had to work on an issue affecting binary-addons, and now I will rebase patches for the Vero 2. It will come after the next update.

As soon as something is available, it will be posted.