Vero2 updating manually fails

Dear friends,
Vero2 running as received.

As the CEC is still breaking after going on standby I tried to see if there is an update and tried to look for it manually but I get a red cross error message down bottom right corner saying update plugin failed and too see the logs.

Here are the logs. Thanks for any help.

libCEC will arrive next Sunday for Vero 2 and will greatly improve CEC.

I’m not quite sure of your question though


Your log file shows that the MyOSMC service has stopped running, which will require a reboot to start working again. Until rebooted checking for updates will fail.

Also your log file is absolutely massive apparently due to a problem reading the EDID from your TV, so check your HDMI cable is in securely, do a reboot, then try checking for updates again.

If it fails again post your logs again immediately after the failure.