Vero364-{headers,source}-4.9.113-{27,28,29}-osmc and following missing from repository

While trying to build a kernel module for 4.9 on Vero4K and had to find out that the corresponding source and header packages are not available. Is this intentional? Where can the kernel tree be found?

The complete kernel sources are on GitHub.

The headers packages don’t provide all the necessary headers, so you will need the source anyway

What module are you trying to build? It’s better if we upstream it.

I wanted to build the rt2800usb module.

Which branch and repo does 4.9.113-29-osmc correspond to?

GitHub - osmc/vero3-linux at osmc-openlinux-4.9 looks close but I’m not sure.

That’s the one. There are also releases under the tags section.

Thanks. But there’s only 1 tag in that repo.

Regarding upstreaming the module: From my point of view, it would be nice if all the USB Wifi drivers were available. Would that create confusion within the MyOSMC wifi configuration dialog?

No – the My OSMC WiFi dialogue only populates detected networks.
You would need to blacklist the internal module’s driver to guarantee your external module is used however.

27/28/29 are just config bumps; using the tag.
Everything you need to build is in repo.

No, I want to use the external wifi for something else. If MyOSMC/connman continue to use the internal module, everything is fine for me.

Then you could tell ConnMan to ignore the interface. That should be sufficient.