Vero4k+ and Fritz WLAN 860 USB Stick

Is the Vero4K+ supposed to work with the Fritz USB WLAN AC860 Stick? If i put the stick in, the sticks LED is lighted, but after several seconds the light goes of…

And how can I see what wlan hardware is used for my network connection?

Vero 4k + comes with integrated wlan

but is it fast enough for 4K files?

Well, yes. Why do you suspect it wouldn’t be?

had a lot of playback freezes with. 4k files while playing them over wöan from my nas (nfs share)

what kind of wlan chipset is build into the vero4k+?

802.11ac AP6255 (433Mbps). It is SDIO integrated; so there is no congestion with USB.

ok, but shouldnt the fritz 866mb stick work with the vero too?

I don’t know. A log will show us if it’s being detected