Vero4K+ and LG Oled questions before buying

Hi, I’m on the verge of buying the Vero4k+, therefore returning my Nvidia Shield. It just had to many problems, primarily the absence of automatic colourspace switching, horrific banding with hdr movies, which can only be fixed by disabling refresh rate switching, which is a no-go since I’m very susceptible to judder.

I’ve read about the Vero having problems in conjunction with with LG Oleds, but all of those complaints were older and seems to be fixed now, I hope?

I’ve opened this thread because the Nvidia Shield earns so much praise, being the best Media Streamer and you have to dig pretty deep to find people actually complaining about it.

Does the Vero4k+ offer everything I need for the best possible movie watching experience together with an Oled TV without issues? (24hz switching, 1080p switching, colour space switching, HD audio passthrough, no judder/stutter…)

Yes. I have 65" C8. All good. Just sometimes 4k movie needs multiple attempts as LG has some issue with handshake once hdmi arc or optical is enabled.

Thanks for the answer. Forgot to mention that the Vero will be connected to my AVR for full Audio Passthrough. That’s not gonna cause additional problems, is it?
AVR is a Denon X1300 iirc and TV is 65"B6.

If you’re looking for someone to complain about the Nvidia Shield TV at great length, I’m your man. :rofl:

See, for example:

It certainly does all of that without any problems. There are some subtle refinements that are not yet in place but which are likely to be added at some point (passing MaxCLL and MaxFALL metadata correctly, for example).

Bear in mind that HDR10 is never going to look very good on an LG B6 anyway. LG’s 2016 TVs have a number of issues with tone-mapping on HDR10 which often make things look decidedly rough. (Their 2018 TVs do a much better job in that respect).

Assuming that what you’re proposing to play was ripped from a disk that you own, you might want to consider playing the original disk on a Sony X700 UHD blu ray player, and using the option to convert HDR10 to Dolby Vision on the fly - that works around a lot of the TV’s tone-mapping bugs. (But the X700 is pretty sucky as a streaming media player, so this isn’t a viable option unless you’ve got the disk handy).

Real-time Dolby Vision conversion does sound interesting, I will look into that. Not even that expensive, last time I checked UHD Players were like double the price.

Which issues exactly are you talking about with HDR10? I calibrated the B6 for SDR and I prefer the look, but I wouldn’t call HDR’s visuals “rough” by any means. I consider it the less accurate and more “fun, blockbuster-esque” look.

Edit: I remember when the 2017 models were first reviewed and there was no huge difference to 2016, better near black and dynamic tone mapping thats it.

And now the 2018s came out and people are saying the same. I don’t get where the supposedly huge jump was

You’re fine. I have old receiver that has HDMI 1.4a only. Therefore I need to use SPDIF or HDMI Arc. When I tested 4k movies with internal speakers only, I was not able to reproduce the issue. And the issue is not a big deal since movie eventually plays anyway on second or third attempt (if you try another movie for example).

I have a professionally calibrated G6, and it’s not very good in HDR10. (Looks splendid in Dolby Vision, though).

I think it’s mostly a question of clipping at high luminance levels - most 2016 TVs (except Samsung) do that, leading to loss of detail in highlights. Some films seem to have exaggerated grain, which may or may not be a product of the same issue. (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is notorious for this: you get an effect like black ants crawling all over the screen).

Other things just somehow look “not right” in a way that’s rather difficult to put your finger on.

Using something like the “HDR Optimiser” feature on the Panasonic 820 player would quite likely sort it out too (I’m not sure).

It’s easy enough to see for yourself, just find something on Netflix that looks particularly good in Dolby Vision - Godless, say - and compare how it looks using the TV’s Netflix app and using some external device that’s capable of HDR10 in Netflix but not DV. The difference is far from subtle.

The Vero 4K + should meet your requirements. Do let us know if you have any further questions.

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Everything has been answered so far, thank you. Will report back when it arrives.

Edit: one more question actually, how long does the delivery generally take to germany? Have read some reports of it taking weeks/almost months, those were in August though.

To CZ i ordered on Sunday, received on Friday. ~month ago

There were problems in August with getting units in to the U.K.

Delivery time is now a much more sane 3-5 days. We use GLS in Germany.



I’ve bought the Vero4k+ on BlackFriday, received it in Germany on Tuesday! Super fast delivery! :+1:
Had an Nvidia Shield before, it’s not bad, but not as perfect as the Vero4k+ :slight_smile: especially the fantastic support here is worth buying the Vero! I’m using an LG 55C8 OLED, with little tweaks it’s working perfect! See HDR Autoswitch causing issues on my LG OLED65C8 - #224 by kaspik for more details…

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