Vero4K+ and lightberry

I waited 2 months but I’m very happy with my new Vero4K+ (I received it yesterday, order July 7th)!
Before Vero4K, I was using a Raspberry (LibreElec) and it was very easy to install Hyperion for my Lightberry USB kit, using HyperCon.jar which was doing everything in order to install and configure Hyperion via SSH.

But with Vero4K+ it doesn’t work (bad arch.)
What is the easiest way to install Hyperion with my LightBerry USB kit ?


PS : Lightberry USB configuration was

  • type : AdalightApa102
  • output : /dev/ttyACM0

Maybe this thread helps

Not sure : he uses GPIO (I use USB) and he seems to still want to use the RaspberryPi to drive the LED.

Well in that thread it is discussed how to install Hyperion on the Vero. My guess (I don’t use hyperion) is that it’s just a question of configuration if you use your local lightberry or a remote Pi as the control instance.
Maybe @nrosier can share some of his insights

USB or GPIO shouldn’t be a problem. That’s all defined in the config.

Easiest way is probably @hissingshark’s script. You can find it here: GitHub - hissingshark/hyperion-vero4k: Automated build and default install of on the Vero4K (OSMC)

Just follow the install instructions. The scripts installs (and removes, very important!!!) the packages needed to compile hyperion. Some packages are only needed for compilation but break Kodi on Vero4K on runtime. Your config will probably (maybe with some minor changes) work on the Vero4K.

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Thanks for the script !

I have a Pi 3B and Vero 4K running as Hyperion server and client. The wiring is done on the Pi according to this tutorial on The only downside to this is I can’t use it with HDR; the colours are way off, mostly pink and green.

If you were to cut the Pi from this setup, how’d you go about it? Obviously I need something to connect DI, CI, GND, and +5V of the LED stripes and also somehow connect it to the Vero 4K.

In my case, the LED are USB driven … so it’s not a problem to connect them to the Vero4K+

I used the script : it didn’t worked. Then, I found that there was a firmware update for the USB module (Arduino). Then, I was able to get the rainbow effect when hyperiond starts. Ambilight effect is OK when I’m in Kodi menus, but LEDs are off when Kodi is playing a film.

I’m still investigating why !

Which capture-device/framegrabber are you using. The grabber should be amlgrabber for the Vero.

I’m not using a capture-device, just a framegrabber.
Thanks for the information, but where do I configure that ?
In my json file, I have
“framegrabber” :
“width” : 64,
“height” : 64,
“frequency_Hz” : 10.0,
“priority” : 890

FOUND ! Just had to replace framegrabber with amlgrabber !

Hello. I just installed on a fresh system (Vero 4k +) but lightberry is not working. I cannot login to the hyperion 8090 panel. Before the last update everything was fine. Anyone help ??