Vero4K and Trinnov HDMI 2.0(b)

Anyone here tested the Vero 4K with Trinnov Altitude 16 or 32 with HDMI 2.0(b) board? I would like to know if everything works fine regarding UHD and HDR (10bit) with Vero 4K. Considering to buy “the final” surround processor :slight_smile:

Hi Tor,

If it implements the spec fully, you will have no problems


Nothing implements HDMI 2.0b fully; you have a bunch of “optional features” like dynamic auto lip-sync etc. But according to Trinnov it works fine with UHD in SDR, HDR, HDR10 and Dolby Vision from all sources they have tested. My concern is the “denon” issues we have heard of regarding Vero4K. I’m guessing it will work fine with their latest HDMI 2.0b board, but it would be nice to get a verification from anyone sitting on both devices.

It would be a big drawback for me if I end up with issues with my beloved Vero 4K :smiley:
According to Trinnov, there should be no technical reasons why any display option of the HDMI 2.0b standard should not work through their device. They had however not been able to verify Technicolor HLG; since they had not seen any source containing this format.

HLG is a broadcast / OTA implementation of HDR.

We expect to finalise support in a preliminary fashion by end of year and further refine it as HLG broadcasts become more widely available.

We are lucky enough to have a BBC bod (@Steve_Neal) on our forum. So we can get constructive criticism there.

I don’t think you will have the Denon audio issue. I am happy to discuss this with them if you CC me in as I can tell them the precise details on how to confirm the presence of an issue.


HLG flagged HDMI works fine via my Denon AVR X2400H - I think there was an update shortly after I bought the Amp last year that added support.

My Roku Streaming Stick Plus outputs iPlayer UHD HLG content as HLG SMPTE 2100 flagged HDMI 2160p50 4:2:2 12 bit YCbCr Rec 2020 output and that survives through the Denon to my Sony XF9005 correctly switching into HLG HDR mode and Rec 2020 colour gamut.

Hopefully the Vero 4K can be persuaded to work in the same way as the Roku.

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I use the Vero4K with my Altitude 32 (new HDMI board) with no issues

Thank you for telling me. I have a new Altitude 32 arriving within the next month, so this is good to know.

No Problem, good luck with the new purchase.

The documentation I received on for the HDMI board was virtually non existent and one thing to note is that not all inputs\outputs are configured for the 2.0 spec. It is as follows:

Input 1…3 - configured as 1.4b, can pass up to 4K @ 4:2:2
Input 4…7 - configured as 2.0, can pass up to 4K @ 4:4:4

Output 1 - configured as 1.4b
Output 2 - configured as 2.0

We believe we have nailed those in the next update.

@MadScientist: According to Trinnov’s webpages. All HDMI inputs can be configured to HDMI 2.0/HDCP2.2. I have asked for this.