Vero4K+ and YouTube ... 720p max?


just used YouTube with YT extension and I am unable to read 4K or HDR content

Is it a weird limitation ?

Currently this is an inputstream limitation.

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Thanks for your reply. So what does this means ? A limitation of the ext plugin ? Vero 4K+ ?

Wish not to have to swap to my PS4 to read 4K YT … :frowning:

1080p is possible


To be honnest, my only focus is 4K and/or HDR. To me 720p and 1080p are parts of past

Anyway thanks for detailed explanation

It is a software limitation of Kodi’s inputstream add-on for now.
YouTube 4K is encoded in VP9, which Vero can play back with hardware acceleration.

I heard the YouTube addon Developer say that the inputstream addon is coded in C and that’s something he can’t work with so hopefully the original dev of the inputstream addon or someone else capable starts working in it again soon