Vero4K+ as Slide Show Viewer - Complete Newbie

Hi All

Just obtained a Vero 4K+ to use as essentially a photo viewer for a noticeboard in a school, as a better option than the cheapy ones.

Just want to set it up so that it will boot straight to the photo viewer, and pull photos from a network location and show them as a slide show. It would be nice if it recognises if files in the location have changed and show any added / changed.

Could someone please give me some starting pointers, I think the network share should be easy but the rest looks like it may need some coding.



Check this out: Automatically start slideshow at boot.

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Thanks muchly, exactly what I was looking for. Just need to work out how to allow the user to do a remote reboot after changes.

If they have terminal access any of these would restart Kodi…

systemctl restart mediacenter
kodi-send -a restartapp
kodi-send -a quit

You could also enable the web browser interface and do it with that. There is also the option of using one of the many Kodi remote control apps for iOS or Android devices.

If the person who is going to be telling Kodi to reboot is physically close to the Vero then you could also just keymap a reboot to one of the buttons on the remote.

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For anyone else interested, to do the remote restart of the mediacenter, I installed putty on the end users PC and created a batch file for each vero unit containing:

“C:\Program Files\PuTTY\plink.exe” -ssh osmc@veroname -pw password “systemctl restart mediacenter”

This worked a treat - on first run you just have to type y to agree to store the security cert for the device, then every time after that just run the batch and press enter to make it proceed.

Makes it very easy for them to just reset the unit(s) after they’ve made changes to the media source files on the server.

(This does of course mean saving the password in plain text, but in this instance it was not an issue)

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  1. Use SSH keys instead
  2. Create a new user that is only allow to run the single command