Vero4k+ Atmos Audio info screen

Hi all,

Just got the Vero4k+ and it’s been amazing. Compared to Kodi v18 leia on my Sony X90F TV, Vero seems to playback 4k mkv files smoother and more detailed without any issue. I have the vero4k plugged into my Samsung N950 soundbar using pass-through and its detecting a dolby Atmos audio stream.

The question i have is in regards the Vero4k+ information button on the Audio stream. It shows a string of characters such as TrueHD RAW RAW RAW RAW etc… " Now i know it’s getting an atmos signal as per my soundbar, just wondering if what i see is normal when seeing that info screen?


Yes, it’s normal. Kodi examines the streams and stores the information, but doesn’t check for 3D audio (Atmos or DTS:X) because the extra metadata might not appear until far into the movie. So, all it shows is TrueHD or DTS HD-MA.

You can get the extra information by naming your files differently, and put Atmos or DTS-X in the filename like in the Kodi Wiki.

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Ah great, thanks for the reply. Good to know!

Now to sit back and enjoy using the Vero. Will be great to see OSMC using Kodi 18.1 soon.

Glad to hear you’re enjoying the device.
Still working on 18.1 – but we’re focused on getting it right.