Vero4k Audio stopped working

I purchased Vero4k Sept/17 and use it with PKC and no attached storage, updates happen as scheduled - basically I use it as an appliance although I am a UNIX sysadmin and UNIX systems support engineer for the last 25 years.
About a month ago I noticed messages indicating a full filesystem and quickly tracked it down to ~/.kodi/userdata/Thumbnails was sitting at 12GB.
On my other non-appliance systems I would just delete it but decided to try and look for an “official solution” and came across a script that seemed officialish and ran it with appropriate args and it took my Thumbnails down to 5.3GB which still seems pretty big to me.
Unfortunately soon after I started getting errors about sources.xml being corrupt. It was missing, so I went looking and found pretty much no documentation about it except I did find one in a git repository and installed it with appropriate permissions.
Now I find that audio has stopped working - all I get are a series of very loud thumps when an audio mode changes or a movie starts etc.

I am prepared to do a fresh install but is it really necessary? Is there some fix or even a “factory reset”? I know that the way Debian/linux does audio is pretty convoluted and prone to problems, but Vero4k is sold as a working appliance and it should all be sorted out pretty well.
So any advice will be very welcome!


That should not be related to the textruecache clean up.

Well that should also not be related. How is your setup looking? TV only via HDMI or via AVR?
Also what is your audio settings in OSMC? I think best is to share logs via MyOSMC so that the team can review your audio config.

Besides the reinstall (which is pretty painless you also can initiate a Factory Reset via MyOSMC which will reset all Mediacenter configurations to factory defaults.


You probably won’t need to reinstall if you haven’t been tinkering with Debian.

My suggestion is to verify you have free space and then:

  • Stop Kodi: sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
  • Move your Kodi directory away: mv ~/.kodi ~/kodi-backup
  • Start Kodi: sudo systemctl start mediacenter

Then test to see if sound is restored. If it is, then it’s a settings issue.


Wow! that was a fast response!

I haven’t been tinkering with Debian so did as suggested.
I have what looks like a factory default system and can hear the clicks and swooshes that the gui makes - so I assume a movie would work.

So does that mean I just need to a new PKC repository and PKC, and then re set it up - or is there anything I can do with the old .kodi I moved aside?


Well you could stop media center again and move back the kodi-backup folder.
You either could move things one by one and see where the problem starts or you move it completely and then provide the logs as described for the team to check if anything obvious is wrong.

You might start with just moving back the file kodi-backup/userdata/guisettings.xml and see if that breaks it.

Yeah, putting guisettings.xml back breaks it. I get a audio thump when I start the mediacentre and no clicks and swooshes.

So does that mean I should move the old (bad) .kodi back and poke around in the gui? - or create some logs and post them - if so which logs would be needed?


My suggestion is:

  1. Stop mediacenter
  2. Move the complete kodi-backup back to .kodi
  3. Delete the .kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml
  4. Start mediacenter
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OK, that was easier than I was expecting!

It all seems to be working as expected now - thanks a lot!

To answer your previous qusetion, the Vero4k feeds into a Yamaha RX V2085 AV receiver and splits into decent speakers and a Panasonic AE-4000 projector. I have never owned a TV…

What is the “correct/best” method of pruning a huge Thumbnails directory?


texturecache as you have used is the best method as it will remove only unnecessary ones. If you are not afraid of having the thumbnails to be recreated you also could dump the whole folder from time to time

Using should have been OK. I use it myself. But I guess the question would be why is your Thumbnails to big? Checking mine it’s 1.4G. Thats with 940 movies, 240 TV shows (around 11K episodes).

Yes ran for a few hours and left Thumbnails at 5.3GB with 122388 files which still surprised me how big it is. I have 760 movies and 65 TV shows with 2750 episodes so it does look out of kilter. Maybe I’ll just delete its contents one morning and let it re-create during the day.

Yea, something seems odd. So you can delete Thumbnails and use teturecache to re-create the thumbs. (But, be warned I think there is a problem with movies right now because of the TMDB change)

While the size if yours seems odd, the number of files isn’t as the cache also include actor thumbs.

If you still have it, I would love to get my hands on that ‘bad’ xml so we can see if the problem could happen again (there’s been another user with those symptoms IIRC).

cat guisettings.xml | paste-log and post the resulting url if you would.

I think that this is the correct one:

Peter, thanks for that. It appears stereo upmix is currently not working when the audio device is set to HDMI. We are working on a fix. Meanwhile, if you want stereo upmix then set audio device to PCM. This does not affect any other settings.