Vero4k+ boot loop with HDD connected

I just got my Vero4k+ and I’m experiencing an issue: with a HDD connected, the Vero4k+ is stuck in a boot-loop.
The red light at the front is on, nothing is shown on HDMI, and the HDD is continuously spun up and down.
I have to unplug the drive for the Vero to be able to boot: The red light goes off and the OSMC logo appears on HDMI.
The case is an Inateck FE3001 with an ASM1153E USB-3.0-SATA bridge.
Before that I used this exact HDD and case with OSMC on a RPi3, I never had any problem with it.

Can you please help me fix this?

means the drive is not getting enough power. If the case doesn’t have an external power supply you would need to use a powered USB Hub

should of mentioned: it’s a 3.5 inch aluminum case and has its own 12V 2A power supply.

What happens if you connect the drive after the Vero has booted?

I can plug it in as soon as the red LED on the Vero turns off and the OSMC logo appears. Then it spins up and mounts just fine.
Until the day before I was using that drive+case+psu combo, it never caused an issue on the RPi3B+ but on the Vero4k+ it causes a boot loop.

Sounds like it’s a Seagate or WD drive that needs a firmware update.


Ah so I discovered more nuance to this: first boot with HDD attached is fine, only rebooting the Vero4k+ with the HDD attached causes the boot loop.
Tomorrow I’ll disassemble the HDD and plug it into SATA to run a firmware update check.
Like I said, with the Pi there was never any issue even when rebooting it, which I did every now and then.
But it shouldn’t have this issue since it’s a WD Red helium 8TB drive and only a year old or so.

Sorry for the thread necromancy, I had just gotten used to never rebooting the Vero, always shutdown-poweroff-poweron since that worked.

But this exact problem is back, and now worse: in the same externally powered ASM1153E Enclosure I put a new Toshiba MG08ACA16TE (16TB helium) and if the Vero4k+ gets power while the enclosure is connected and also gets power, I get the same boot loop:
Red LED on the Vero, black screen on the HDMI output, HDD spins up, when it’s spun up the speakers make a click-sound, then it reads something off the HDD (can hear the heads working for 2 seconds), the HDD spins down again, when it’s fully spun down it spins up again, repeat. The HDMI output stays black the entire time.
So the Vero refuses to boot with the HDD connected.
I have to disconnect the HDD power brick, wait for the Veros red light to go out (boot), then I can connect the HDD power brick, it spins up and gets mounted just fine.
That outlet also isn’t excessively loaded, just the Vero, TV and the two class-D speakers.
That enclosure with an 8TB WD red pro or the new 16TB Toshiba works just fine on the rpi 3b+ with OSMC, as on the PC. There it doesn’t matter exactly when I connect it, it spins up fine and gets mounted.
The only partition on both disks is NTFS on GPT, no bootloader of any kind.
The enclosure is USB3.0, which is nowadays called USB 3.2gen1 and it supports UASP.
Most 3.5" enclosures with UASP and an aluminum body (cooling is important on HDDs!) still use this chip.
Maybe the Veros firmware / bootloader on the flash somehow tries a USB-boot from that HDD and resets since it can’t?

We always try and read the USB for installation media on boot and do the same for SD cards. You could see if this helps: System locks up/ boot issues - #8 by sam_nazarko


sudo fw_printenv osmcfromusb
osmcfromusb=if usb start 0; then if fatload usb 0 ${loadaddr} kernel.img; then run usbdtb; setenv bootargs ${bootargs} bootfromusb; bootm; fi; fi


sudo fw_printenv osmcfromusb

fingers crossed it will still boot

Did this solve the issue?

hello @sam_nazarko , my Vero4k+ now boots up just fine with the HDD attached.
thank you very much!

I’m glad to hear this.