Vero4k+ Crashed quite a few times

Hi all,
My Vero4k+ has been crashing a few times over the last couple of weeks. When I say crash, I mean no input on tv, and does not respond/connect over ssh.

I think that I narrowed down previous crashes to an old library source that kodi was attempting to scan when I did library updates. I removed this and things seemed better. However, last night it crashed again for no reason - I wasn’t doing anything or using it.

I don’t have debug logs as I didn’t have debug logging enabled. But I did grab logs after unplugging the power cable and replugging. These are those logs.

A couple of things immediately jump out at me. Repeated entries like this

2022-08-30 19:12:19.665 T:6994    ERROR <general>: GetDirectory - Error getting -

And then this entry at the end

2022-08-31 00:20:16.071 T:17619   ERROR <general>: Exception happened during processing of request from
2022-08-31 00:20:16.071 T:17619   ERROR <general>:  
2022-08-31 00:20:16.071 T:17619   ERROR <general>: ('', 52256)
2022-08-31 00:20:16.071 T:17619   ERROR <general>: 
2022-08-31 00:20:16.076 T:17619   ERROR <general>: Traceback (most recent call last):
2022-08-31 00:20:16.077 T:17619   ERROR <general>: 
2022-08-31 00:20:16.077 T:17619   ERROR <general>:   File "/usr/lib/python3.7/", line 650, in process_request_thread
                                                       self.finish_request(request, client_address)
2022-08-31 00:20:16.077 T:17619   ERROR <general>: 
2022-08-31 00:20:16.077 T:17619   ERROR <general>:   File "/usr/lib/python3.7/", line 360, in finish_request
                                                       self.RequestHandlerClass(request, client_address, self)
2022-08-31 00:20:16.077 T:17619   ERROR <general>: 
2022-08-31 00:20:16.077 T:17619   ERROR <general>:   File "/usr/lib/python3.7/", line 722, in __init__
2022-08-31 00:20:16.077 T:17619   ERROR <general>: 
2022-08-31 00:20:16.077 T:17619   ERROR <general>:   File "/usr/lib/python3.7/", line 817, in finish
                                                       self.socket.sendto(self.wfile.getvalue(), self.client_address)
2022-08-31 00:20:16.077 T:17619   ERROR <general>: 
2022-08-31 00:20:16.077 T:17619   ERROR <general>: PermissionError: [Errno 1] Operation not permitted
2022-08-31 00:20:16.077 T:17619   ERROR <general>: 
2022-08-31 00:20:16.077 T:17619   ERROR <general>: ----------------------------------------
2022-08-31 00:20:16.077 T:17619   ERROR <general>: 

Checking the IP address that’s listed in that error message - - is currently leased to my SONOS playbar… can’t think of why that would cause an exception. Though maybe that IP was leased to a different device at the time.

Any thoughts?

OK. I was just attempting to remove some old repositories that I don’t use anymore and it crashed again. Again, I didn’t have debug logs enabled as I didn’t expect it to crash :slightly_frowning_face:

But here are logs after replugging the power cable

I can’t see anything… but maybe someone else can?
I might just enable debug logs and let it sit there…

I’ve now enabled debug logging, so if it happens again that should capture it.
Continuing to attempt to clean up an old repository - SlyGuy.
However, it’s not allowing me to uninstall it due to “SlyGuy Dependencies” using it. But I can’t find “SlyGuy Dependencies” as an installed addon.

I can see it in the .kodi/addons directory though.

drwxr-xr-x  3 osmc osmc  4096 Apr 30 10:40 slyguy.dependencies

How do I remove this addon so I can uninstall the repository?

2022-08-04 17:39:53.533 T:2726 INFO : CAddonMgr::FindAddons: script.module.slyguy v0.54.8 installed
2022-08-04 17:39:53.539 T:2726 INFO : CAddonMgr::FindAddons: slyguy.dependencies v0.0.5 installed

Check under All installed Addons

Thanks @fzinken, under All installed Addons, the only thing I can see is SlyGuy Repository. When I attempt to uninstall this I am unable to because of SlyGuy Dependencies :slightly_frowning_face:

OK. I think I’ve managed to uninstall the addon and it’s dependencies…
But in the process I got a sad face crash twice.
Thankfully I had debug logs enabled at the time.
The last crash occurred when I was attempting to search for “Sly” in the addons. No idea why this would cause a crash.
Just did another search for aussieaddons in my addons as this was another one that I was trying to remove and got another sad face crash.
It doesn’t seem to like searching for addons…

Might be time to think about a clean install

I was afraid of that :slightly_frowning_face: . Sigh, that’s going to take a lot of work.
Ahh well, if it can’t be helped, it can’t be helped

Done, I’ll monitor it to see how it goes. I had a couple of crashes when re-scraping my library :slightly_frowning_face:, and I wonder whether it was overheating… the Vero itself was warm to the touch when I was re-plugging the power back in

That is surely not normal.

Warm to the touch is normal and the Vero would shutdown if it overheats (so it’s a question how your crash happend (e.g. did you still had frozen picture)?

The only other source of problem I can think about is that the power supply has issues.

I didn’t think it was normal :slightly_frowning_face:

I feel like this was happening. I.e. it was overheating and crashing/shutting down. There was no picture on screen when it happened. No output on the tv whatsoever.

Is there a way that I can determine whether this is/was causing it?

You can keep monitoring the temperature and CPU speed via an SSH session that you open
watch -n 0.5 "echo -n 'temp: '; cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp; echo -n 'cpu speed: '; cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_cur_freq"

Only by powering the Vero with a new (identical) power supply and/or powering it instead with a USB A-A Cable for testing purpose.

Thanks! What’s a normal temperature range? At the moment it’s saying 76000

I’m in Australia. Do I just get a new power supply with the same barrel connector and specs? Or should I get an OSMC/Vero official one?

Everything below 80 is normal. The CPU will be slowed down above 95 and the device shutsdown above 110

It might be faster to get identical locally
5V, 2A center positive, 5.5mm OD; 2.1mm ID

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Thank you for your help :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve ordered a new power supply matching those specs.

So, I turned on my TV yesterday morning and found that my Vero had crashed sometime during Saturday day/night (i.e. had a blank screen and could not connect via ssh). I then proceeded to unplug and replug the power cable to get it to boot again and it would display the blue OSMC screen, but not make it to the GUI before crashing :slightly_frowning_face:.

My new power supply is due to arrive at some point in the next couple of days, is it likely that this behaviour is further indication of the existing power supply failing?

Will these crashes have compromised the integrity of my installation? In other words, will crashes of this sort corrupted my OSMC installation and should I reinstall OSMC if, once the new power supply arrives, the new power supply resolves the issue?

I would say yes

Normally the filesystem is quite resilient so I guess it should be fine. But a new install every couple of years also doesn’t harm.

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:, I appreciate that. Waiting with high anticipation for the new power supply.

OK. Thanks. I’ve just gone through the process of reinstalling as part of debugging this particular issue. So it should be fine then? I might just do it anyway to be on the safe side.

My new power supply has arrived. And I’ve completely re-installed OSMC.
Everything has been up and running really well for the last few days. AND I was able to re-scrape my library without crashes.
Thanks @fzinken for your help and pointing me to the solution :slightly_smiling_face:!
I’ve marked your response suggesting replacing the power supply as the solution.

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