Vero4K crashes to red


The last 3 or 4 days, my Vero4K has crashed overnight. I use it to watch video files or live TV and when I’m done, I turn off the tv. The next day, the Vero 4k’s led is red and I’m forced to unplug and replug it in to get it back.

Everything is up to date. Has any one else been experiencing this? It’s been going on for less than a week.


Is the device warm to the touch when this happens?


It doesn’t have to be that the Vero is dead, it might just be in suspend.
Did you try to press remote buttons in that situation?
Can you try to connect via http or ssh in that situation?


If the user is able to instantly remedy the situation with an unplug and replug then it’s unlikely to be an overhead issue, particularly if the issue is occurring when the device is relatively inactive, i.e overnight



Pushing the remote button doesn’t do anything and when I turn the tv on, it just says there is no input signal. I haven’t tried using terminal to connect when it’s in that state.

Heat wise, it is cool to the touch when I find it with a red light, though I think it seems hotter while it is running. I don’t typically have reason to touch it, but when I do it seems hot.

Right now it’s been sitting there for at least an hour “idling” and the system summary says the CPU is at 64C.


In suspend the HDMI signal is disabled so that would be same report.
Suggest to try to connect either via http (if you have the webcontrol enabled) or ssh (if you hvae ssh enabled) in that situation next time.
Also after reboot you can upload logs maybe they can tell us something.

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Any new equipment added to the TV or changes in the environment?



No changes at all to equipment. If I find it red tomorrow, I’ll attempt to log in remotely before rebooting and will report what I find.


Keep us updated


Figures. Two days without issue. I’ll add to this thread of the problem comes back.


Cool – keep us posted.