Vero4k "Duelling Reminders" after November update to 19.3

I have been using my vero4k+ for a couple of years without serious problems. However, the November update rendered it unusable for watching TV due to the kodi 19.3 PVR-VNSI client.
This client does not recognise the server?s VPS timers anymore, but “thinks” they are reminders. This results in repeated reminders again and again. Awkward, annoying, but something I was prepared to live with until solved.
Alas, if there are two overlapping VPS timers this results in a relentless duel of reminders culminating in the PVR-Client permanently restarting.
This did not occur in 19.1 or 19.2 kodi versions.
Lucky me I got myself a second vero4k+ (just before the Brexit) for testing and whatever might come up. I will revert the second one to the OSMC version before November to watch TV again and then hope for the best.

Kind regards from Vienna, Austria

Hi Michael

I’d suggest seeing if this is an upstream issue with the PVR VNSI client. We don’t maintain this or modify it in anyway, but rather just make it available to OSMC users.

There could be a regression


Hi Sam,

thank you for your answer. So I’ll have to wait till the kodi developers solve this issue.

Thanks again

Possibly – I’m not saying it’s definitely a Kodi issue but can’t envisage what could’ve changed on our side to cause this.

Hi Sam,
I just found out that there is an update of the VNSI Client avaliable. Current version in OSMC is 19.0.0, the update is 19.0.3.
This version solves the “Duelling Reminders” problem. I tried that with LibreElec on an RPi4 and it works as expected.

Kind regards

You could try the staging repository, which has a very recent version of Kodi and binary add-ons (built other day).