Vero4k+ has a blank screen but accessible from SSH

I have 3 4k+. Two of them are on release 10.1 (the two with problems) and one is on 9.1 - works.

I am unable to connect to either of the 10.1 versions via the Kodi remote app - it says ‘Could not connect to the server’. The TV screen is blank.

I can ssh into either of the two 10.1 boxes like everything is fine.

Both of these boxes were working last week (Thursday).

I have rebooted several times so I’ve reached the end of my vast troubleshooting skills.

I have a log at

Thanks very much.

Would assume you have an issue with your SQL server.
As a quick test you could remove the SQL entries from advancedsettings.xml and see if Kodi starts then.

Great assumption!
I copied the orig advancedsettings.xml and then deleted the SQL entries and rebooted and Kodi now starts, and I can connect with the kodi app.

It looks like I have a problem with my Docker install.
I had to Force Quit Docker and then restart it, changed the advancedsettings.xml file back and both the 10.1 boxes can now connect and the TV screen is fine.

I’m back in business - thank you very much for that fast support!

So are your boxes that are running on 9.1 not using the SQL server? Or were they just not impacted as you didn’t restarted them?

The 9.1 box and the libreelec both use the SQL Server and that’s why I didn’t think there was a SQL issue. However, I had upgraded both the 10.1 boxes and rebooted.

I didn’t try to watch TV on the 9.1 box and assumed that since I could connect to it, that it was fine.