Vero4k high temps

So my vero4k is running around 107’c at the moment. Not doing much intense, and I’m not massively worried. However I was wondering if there is a way of wiring a small 12v fan into the unit (any solder-able points)?


Out of curiosity: what skin are you using?

Soldering a fan wouldn’t be trivial and would obviously void the device’s warranty, so it may not be a good idea.


usually using Pellucid (quite simple) but recently using Titan. I’ve had the unit for quite a while, so I dont think there is much warranty on it any longer. I might just wire up a fan onto the case and power it up via usb. might be easier :slight_smile:

Not using a Vero but I did install Titan for a brief while and also use a Screensaver that used the skin helper service. This caused my Raspberry Pis to be constantly polling the list of media trying to download artwork for them.
Caused both Pis I use as media centres to constantly overheat.
Post a debug log and I’ll have a look. Or just uninstall the skin helper service as it constantly runs in the background even if you aren’t using it.

Thanks for this – it’s good to know.