Vero4k Hostname resolver

Just after a little advice

All my Vero4ks resolve hostname to IP, to ping the hostnames, what do they use to do this?

I have just installed Ubuntu on a laptop and it cant do this :confused:

Can you give an example what you mean? You mean local hostnames like the hostname of the Vero itself?

So if i ping on the Vero

MyRouter it will return times it took

on ubuntu, if i ping MyRouter it says failed, but if i ping 192.x.x.x it could back with times

This is just standard DNS, Ubuntu should be using your router as its DNS server but that might not be the save if you have manually specified something

Well this is determined by local/search domain.

But should also work on ubuntu.
On ubuntu to check the DNS server and the local domain configured run

nmcli dev show | grep DNS
nmcli dev show | grep DOMAIN

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I believe thatโ€™s what Avahi does (and itโ€™s installed by default)

I`m fairly new to linux, OSMC just works out of box, tbh i thought ubuntu would have just worked. so them commands shows

nmcli dev show | grep DNS
nmcli dev show | grep DOMAIN < doesnt return anything

Ok, means no Domain configured on your DHCP Server (router).
For .local resolution you either need to add it to searchdomain or use avahi as @Borromini wrote. But also that should be configured on ubuntu, can check with

systemctl | grep mDNS

systemctl | grep mDNS
avahi-daemon.service loaded active running Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD Stack
avahi-daemon.socket loaded active running Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD Stack Activation Socket

Im running OpenWRT router, I know windows used to have issues with with a old NAS i had


So i removed the .lan , that was here, as windows couldnt connect to the NAS after a reboot

Put it back, as that is what the DHCP server will transmit as local domain and is how it should be configured.
mDNS should also work without this but it is still best to configure it correctly


cheer so the below now shows

nmcli dev show | grep DOMAIN
IP4.DOMAIN[1]: lan

just rebooted laptop and thats working, thanks for your help