Vero4K Hot and Rebooting

It’s been a while, but after buying a new power supply, as the old one seemed to have failed, I’ve now tried to get it all working. I’ve managed to pair the remote fine, but it didn’t respond to the remote at all, and even seems to lock up with the receiver plugged in someyimes. The Vero works fine with a keyboard.
Is it possible to buy a new receiver?

Some logs below, started without the receiver and then plugged in before the logs were uploaded.

The dongle does not seem to be registering. You might try plugging it into a PC to see if you get any different response.

Unless the remote was sold in the last six months or so the receivers are not, and will not be available. Unfortunately the current revision dongle is not backwards compatible.

Thanks, I’ll give it a go on my PC and see if it works there.

Ah right, so I’ll need a new remote then as this came with the Vero when I bought it some years ago.

The dongle appears to be dead, it doesn’t appear on my PC. I’ll look to get a new remote. Thanks for the support