Vero4K+ - Jumbo frames


Have any one tried using jumboframes and Vero4K+/OSMC? -How was the outcome?
My network (switches) and NAS are currently configured to 8K frames and im curious to let the Vero use that as well.

AFAIK there was a limit what is supported, @sam_nazarko might remember.

But in an LAN environment I hardly can see the advantage.

I tried using Jumbo frames with NFS. The file transfer speeds were marginally higher than with regular MTU of 1500. And - the interactivity was impacted a little too.
I did reset it to defaults, as that’s where it runs “better”

ok, thanks for your answers. I’ll try this and report back. :slight_smile:

I’m limiting the frame size in the driver to avoid issues; so increasing the MTU shouldn’t give a noticeable difference.

In general, jumbo frames on low latency gigabit only helps with very specific use cases, and then only increases throughput by less than 5%. On faster media (10Gbit and higher), then you start to see 10% or so increase on even low latency connections, and even more of an increase on long-haul, high-latency connections.

If you have a lot (10 or more) of simultaneous active connections to your NAS and it has a single 1Gbit link, then having all devices using jumbo frames might help contention for that one link a little.

I have 10Gbit backbone that my servers are connected to, but all regular devices (PC, etc.) just use 1Gbit, and I use jumbo frames on the 10Gbit, but only on the VLAN that stays completely at that speed. Still, if @sam_nazarko wants to put 10Gbit in the next gen Vero, I’d be willing to test it. :wink: