Vero4k - No Power

Hi team!

I’ve got the Vero V up and running on my main TV setup, soon to move over to a projector, and that is going well without too many challenges. However my Vero4k that runs on the kids TV has all of a sudden stopped working. No power apparent to the device.

Is there a way for me to power the Vero4k via another source (USB or other) to try and eliminate the power pack as the faulty part? Any other troubleshooting steps I can try take?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Kind regards,

Did you try the power supply from the Vero V?

You just made me feel very foolish for not thinking of that :grinning:

So the Vero4k powers up, no trouble. Must have a faulty power supply.

What’s the best way to source a replacement here in Aus? Is there a specification somewhere I can grab?

If you want a generic then find a 5V, 2A, center positive, 5.5mm OD, 2.1mm ID adapter.

If you want to order directly from OSMC links to order them are…


Thank you both for the quick help!