Vero4k+ power consumption?

Hi I’m new here, I am thinking of buying the vero4k+, would anyone be able to tell me the power consumption on video playback. Thanks.


It’s about 3.5W. The exact figure won’t deviate much from that but depends on system configuration (WiFi, Bluetooth, connected peripherals)


So with let’s say 1 hardrive and or network support playing Mainly 1080p video, would there much of a spike in power consumption if so whats a rough estimate. Thanks.

The adapter provided is 5V, 2A, so the maximum that could ever be used is 10W. But realistically usage will be 3-4W or so. This will use about 0.09kw/h a day. UK electric is about 15p/kwh, so it will only cost a few pounds a year to run.

We recommend you power any external hard drives, either with the power supply they provide or a powered USB hub.


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Thanks for the prompt response.