Vero4K+ Power Supply Blown?


This morning one of my Fuses for the ring mains tripped.
I switched everything back on, but the Vero4K+ is completely dead.

I suspect the Power Supply has blown thus tripping my Fuse box.

I’ve been looking around but unfortunately I don’t seem to have another AC/DC adapter with the same output and pin size.

Is it possible to get hold of a replacement power supply? I looked on the store but couldn’t find one :frowning:

Here is a link from Sam.

You can “wait” for his reply on this to see if other options are available or what you can test to see if you vero is still alive.

Thanks for the links - would be interesting to know whether there are any other tests I can do to be sure the vero is still alive, and this is just a blown psu.

I know you can test with an USB A-A cable, feeding via the usb-port to see if the device still is functioning. Off-course without having the PS connected.

I’m not sure how to feed the A-A cable from what source. Maybe @sam_nazarko or another member or OSMC-engineer can point that out for you.

Anything that can supply a clean 5v with at least an amp should be fine into either USB port of the Vero. A USB 3.0 port on a PC would be a good choice but generic USB power adapters should be fine as well for at least testing to make sure it powers up.

Thanks all for the answers.

Running via USB ok, but need both USB ports longer term, so looks like I need a new PSU. £6 plus £2 postage doesn’t seem too bad to get my Vero4K+ working again.

I guess that 24x7 operation for 2 and a half years solid is not unreasonable for a PSU?

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Generally speaking switching power supplies do break down over time so they don’t have a tendency to last for decades like those old heavy power bricks do. That being said most users get a longer life than what you experienced. It is possible that there were environment variables (brown outs, series of smaller power surges, ambient temperature, etc.) that reduced the lifespan.

If you contact we can sort this out.
Powering via USB is a good way of testing and ruling out a hardware issue, but isn’t ideal for most use cases because we can only get 0.5A from that.



@sam_nazarko: I sent an email friday evening but not heard back yet. Do you mind giving your support department a nudge :wink:

I’ve already put one in the post today.

Thanks dude. You’re a legend!