Vero4K Power Supply

I’d be surprised, but I’d recommend to stop using any power supply that you believe is problematic.

Aside from 2 random PSU dying days apart… what other things usually lead to vero 4k+ not booting/red light on? Trying to cover my basis until I source a PSU.

Nothing. I think the odds of two devices dying simultaneously would be very slim.

Have you tried powering via a USB cable?

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I was able to confirm both Boxes work fine… sadly both PSU plugs went bad. Is there any warranties on the 4K+ PSU plug? I purchased it at the launch when the initial stock shortage occurred. (Good times!)

There’s a warranty on the entire package and you can raise a support ticket accordingly.

I don’t think both power supplies would fail that closely – it’d be one hell of a coincidence.

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Had the same issue, after 3 years of my vero 4k being constantly plugged in. Opened it, one of the capacitors was bulging. So i ordered some from ebay, turned out almost as expensive as a new power supply, since I could only order 10, and shipping was almost as much as the caps themselves (didn’t want to wait for shipping from china). But it worked out in the end. While looking on ebay, found a 4k+ with the TV Stick for a good price, so i snapped it. That power supply was a bit different and had a bigger output capacitor (680uf vs 470uf).

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I ended up buying 2 power supplies as both of the original ones died… got mine from Amazon. Both Vero boxes are very hot to the touch… but it worked. I don’t know how to take it apart & replace capacitors.

Check the Temperature on the System Info page. Idle Temperature should be below 70c.

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Just wanted to chime in here as well to report that my psu also just died for my old 4k, red light showed up. I was able to get it up running quickly again with this from Amazon which appears to match stock specs

AC to DC 5V 2A Power Supply Plug 5.5mm x 2.1mm UL Listed FCC

One thing to make sure of is the inner contact should have spring contacts. I think they call it Type M. That’s because the centre pin on Vero is solid.