Vero4K Power Supply

Hi, my Vero4K psu died today. I’d happily buy one from the store but can’t see one for sale there. I’ve found an old 2A 5v supply which seems to do the job perfectly, the only slight drawback is that it’s a USB type connection coming out of the power brick. Is this acceptable or is likely to cause other problems?

5V is 5V wherever it comes from. But the PSU needs to put out up to 2 Amps.

You mean at least 2 Amps?

It would be great if there was a PSU available at the store, or at least some official alternative where we can get one since the market of power supplies is generally dishonest

Edit: I did find some specs by sam on the forum

The PSU specs are: 5V, 2A center positive, 5.5mm OD; 2.1mm ID

I would strongly suggest sending an email off to with your order number and an explanation of how you were able to determine your PSU was faulty.

We get a lot of demand for spare PSUs, so I’ve finally put one on the store. It will appear properly when we have a picture, but for now you can grab it here:





My 2017 vero 4K suddenly showing a red light… tried replugging, but doesn’t fix it… very odd. Do you think the power connector unit went bad?

My 2018 4K+ works fine still.

Swap the known good PSU (i.e. from 2018 machine) with the 2017 machine.
This should let you know.

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I’ll try that & report back thx

Fortunately, I have a friend who’s also an electrician, who took the psu apart (he was very impressed with the fact it was screwed together rather than the normal glued joint). He mentioned a coil (transformer?) being open circuit. I suppose this was also confirmed by the alternative psu powering the Vero. My main concern was not so much with the volt/current rating but more that my alternative was probably a phone supply which generally aren’t sat working 24 hrs a day, albeit that the Vero’s standby demands are probably tiny.

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Hi Sam, thanks for the links, but they all lead to a ‘’ * Sorry, this product cannot be purchased.’’ message?

It sounds like you have done the diagnosis. If you contact customer support I think you will find them to be responsive to helping you out with a replacement.

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Should now be fixed.

I’ll be sending you a new PSU free of charge however.


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Thanks for the very kind offer Sam, it’s very much appreciated but I’m happy to pay for this - it’s well over 2 years old and I suspect our recent power cycling owing to recent electric work has more than helped this on it’s way! I’d rather you keep your funds for ongoing development.
Thanks again though


Hi Andy - in that case, the links posted above should now be working again.



Hi, I have several Vero 4k devices that I’ve purchased over the years… love them! Sadly the PSU plug on one of them stopped working. Any chance I could get a replicate plug?