Vero4K+ randomly showing green screen

Hi. I’m rather pleased with my Vero4K+, but lately I see random green screens. This happens at random points when playing. I know about the green screens with HEVC content, but this happened while playing AVC (H264) mkv files. The green screen doesn’t crash the Vero fully, I can still press stop and hear the button sounds when using the arrows (ssh access is also not affected), it’s just that I can’t see anything but the green screen. When I reboot the Vero and try to play the same file again, it does it without problems, so I don’t think the problem lies in the content.

I am running OSMC version 2023.08-1, which seems a bit old. But when I go to MyOSMC and choose update, it tells me no updates are available. Maybe this is related? I have already tried a apt-get dist-upgrade, bt it does not seem to make a difference.

Can you SSH in and upload some logs when this next occurs?

Of course. I have rebooted the Vero twice and played a file until the problem got back.
Log file:

Can you enable debug logging and re-upload logs that reproduce the problem?

Many thanks


Thanks for your help. But I’m sorry, I don’t seem to get this quite right. I tried enabling debug logging from the settings menu, but then I’m left with an ugly osd wich makes the Vero unusable.

I then tried to disable debug logging again from the menu and enable it by adding the following to /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml:

Then rebooted the Vero twice. But that made no difference, the log looks just like it did without debug logging. Could you provide me with the correct procedure to enable debug logging without having the osd? I have tried to find it on the forum, but there are a lot of incomplete guides and I have not succeeded yet.

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What you posted here is correct for the advancedsettings.xml but I suspect that there is either an error in the file somehow where it is different than what it looks like you posted here. I assume you added the escape characters here because you didn’t notice the “</>” in the toolbox and you wanted it to look correct. If you really do have those extra slashes in your file that will keep it from working. You don’t actually need to go that route though. The overlay may be undesirable but you only need to turn that on long enough to reproduce the issue and upload logs. You don’t actually want debug logging on all the time as they just increase wear and tear on your eMMC without benifit.

Of course I added the escape characters to make it look good, those are not actually in my file. Thanks for the suggestion of the “</>”.

I have again enabled debug logging and let the Vero play for a few hours, but the bug is being a good bug and is not showing itself. I will do this again the following days. I will post the log here once I have reproduced the bug.