Vero4k+ SD Card?

Pardon the dumb question, but does the Vero4k+ ship with a SDCard? Or, is that a separate purchase?

If it is a separate purchase, does the SDCard on the OSMC store come with OSMC preinstalled?

Hi ltwally1,


  • the Vero4k+ ships without an SD card but OSMC is pre-installed on the device
  • you only need the SD card in case you have/want to re-install OSMC which luckily is a very seldom exceptional situation and is not required for the most users
  • you can also re-install OSMC from a USB stick on the Vero4k+
  • the SD card in the shop is a blank/empty

The device has built in storage (eMMC) and will come pre-loaded with OSMC.

You only want an SD or USB to reinstall the internal software if necessary or if you want to store media on the SD or increase the storage.

The SD cards in the store can come blank or pre-loaded with OSMC for models of Raspberry Pi.