Vero4K+ setting display resolution during movie

I experienced an issue last night (and have once before) where during playback of a movie the resolution seems to get set multiple times, each time it happens the screen goes black and the TV shows a pop-up of the resolution and refresh rate in the top corner.

This was extremely frustrating and I attempted to reproduce it with debug logging this morning. It didn’t seem to do it in the same place in the movie, but it did do it once at another place.

The links to the debug logs and mediainfo for the movie are below. The movie is streaming from my NAS mounted using autofs and smb. The Vero4k+ and NAS are both connected via gigabit ethernet to my router.

Any help or ideas would be much appreciated. In the meantime I’ll keep trying to see if I can get it to happen again and better reproduce the issue from last night.

Debug logs:

Thanks :grinning:

I would try another HDMI cable if you have one available. Otherwise try turning on the HPD (hot plug detect) option in Kodi’s display settings and reboot.

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Thanks, I’ve got another HDMI cable lying around, I’ll swap that in and see how I go.