Vero4K+ stops with black screen after movie, complete stuck, no network/ssh

Today and yesterday my vero stops displaying.
After playing a movie today, kodi went go back to home screen but then screen went black and vero is not responding anymore.

Taking power off, put it back on, i see the bootloader starting, displaying the blue osmc logo and then nothing, but black.

Yesterday the same after a reboot.

Can’t ssh in if that happens, even with fresh reboot it doesn’t show network.

I see light from the fiber connection.
Is starts with the red led
When it boots light goes off.
It says please standby, then blue screen follows.

Any idea?

Is there a usb boot stick i can use to see if vero works ok, or do i need to reinstall? @sam_nazarko

This morning second attempt it started
Could quickly take a grab-logs -A

Hope this give some info what to do next

Took another grab-logs -a with debug logging

Next to that i took the dongle out of the vero, then it started

As i have Bluetooth connection to vero i still can navigate

Played same movie as yesterday, and kodi screen returns ( still without remote dongle)

It is random after a reboot if it runs to the homescreen.

I’d suggest reinstalling OSMC on your device.

Unfortunately we don’t have such a tool.

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Will give it a try after Xmas

Happy Christmas :christmas_tree:

Hi @sam_nazarko,

i did the reinstall, didn’t change it. still random when it will run to start.
I tried with usb a-a, no luck. or my charger is to less A or it will not start.

each time after reboot of the device it stops completely, no ssh possible to investigate, it always happens on the Kodi start screen. Sometimes it will run, but sometime it hangs after playing a movie and the i have to remove power, as device is inaccessible. Even after the reinstall same appeared with starting.

Could it be the power supply, did measure 5V, but about the A I’m uncertain on my meter, it shows 0,2 at the max. Could that be an issue less A to run?

0.2A won’t be sufficient – I’m surprised the device even starts.

I can confirm that with another power adapter (5V 1000 mA) the Vero starts again.

I had created a backup and restored that one. All come back, but autofs is not working after restore / reboot. Any additional actions required?

Can i order a new PSU from your shop, any idea how long that will take to arrive in my mailbox? I guess it will be a mailbox envelop?


You can grab them here;


Unfortunately delivery timeframes are an unknown.
See International shipping incident - OSMC. We still can’t ship envelopes.

Did you install autofs packages?

I took the install notes and there it says " install autofs" :upside_down_face:

totally forgot about this, just did and rebooted.

and all is working again.

just placed the order.

We can ship envelopes again from today (Monday 06/02).

great news !!

Your order will be fulfilled today


thanks a lot, looking forward to it