Vero4K + TVHeadEnd + smaller files

I have been messing around with getting the PVR function working on my Vero4K and with much help from some good folks around here, I’ve managed to get it going.

Maybe this is a pipe dream, but is there a way to get the recordings smaller? A 1/2 hour show takes up about 750MB which seems excessive.

Forgive my possibly messed up terminology, but can a show be recorded using a better codec? It can even happen after the show is finished recording. Would just be nice if it could happen seamlessly behind the scenes.

I know the Vero4K can play h.265 files which is often a pretty small file size.

My setup is a Vero4K, an HDHomeRun tuner for OTA signals and a Synology NAS for storage. There are also a few Windows computers that are attached to the network, one of which is always left on (though not super powerful).


You’d need to encode these files after recording. I think there’s transcoding support planned for TVHeadend but it won’t use hardware acceleration at this time