Vero4k+ unboxing concerns

Hi all,

So I’ve just opened my Vero4k+. I’m excited.
But the instructions are very lacking.

I have in my hands a device with no less than 11 sockets on it, and no description of what they are, nor any markings on the case describing what they are.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask for some clear labelling or instructions. There’s not even any support or pdf with pictures showing the location of the ports on the website.

I know power, USB (but ports are coloured differently… I don’t know why). Then 3 small slots next to the USB ports, one bigger then the other 2. I don’t know what these are.
I can see optical audio, Ethernet, HDMI, and then there’s two holes. I presume one or both are audio jacks, or one is audio and the other is IR.

I know the device is probably awesome but I feel a bit let down considering I paid about $200AUD for this. It’s not a lot to ask.


Believe me, when you see this device up and running you will forgive all of your concerns. We are all here to help in case of any problems - you wouldn’t get that with the opposition.
The 2 holes on the back- one is audio the other is IR.

The one nearer the ethernet is audio.

Thanks I’m sure I will, but I hope you take my comments on board. Case in point - which one is audio, which is IR? They’re the same in appearance.
(Edit: thanks Graham… got it now)
What about the 3 slots?

It’ll take about 5 minutes to whip up a diagram or two.

The biggest one is microSD.

Thanks. And the other 2?

Air vents

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You are not alone with your concerns

Thanks all. We’re almost there. What are the different USB ports? There are 2 colours.

No major differences, the white one is OTG capable