Vero4k+ usb h265 signal loss

i am going to do this today, i did try also disabling 4k enhanced on av receiver and this time didnt get signal loss only change i could see in video info to projector was color space and bits were different value. but will run enhanced again with log enabled.

still having issues with signal loss no problems when using pc

tried disabling and enabling standard 4k and enhanced made on receiver. no difference thought it was sorted but played another movie what ive tested on pc and signal got lost again during movie with vero

movies are playing via usb hub i ordered from osmc. tv plugged into device all hardrives are self powered with own ac adapter.

i didnt have usb hub power adapter connected because my harddrives are self powered but ive just tested a movie using ac power on hub and drives and was ok but will test another movie

hope someone can help i think i might be onto something.

watched 5 movies with vero all way through hdmi signal loss only happened once on eavh movie random times mostly near end of movie but once at begining

i think my signal loss problem to my projector from my new vero 4k device might be due to 10bits bandwidth instead of 8bits my intel nuc sends to projector.

my projector is benq w1070
playing same movies with same hdd works when using intel nuc but not vero.

i do use a long good quality hdmi cable but never have signal loss with pc.

sending 10bits might be to much for cable compared to 8bits.

im just guessing here no expert any ideas?

also if im correct can i force vero 4k box to output 8bit for all movies or should a better hdmi cable work for 10bits more reliable.

my hdmi signal info from av receiver
when playing movie on vero
1080p 24hz ycbcr 4:4:4 10 bits
when using projector

You can go echo 8bit | sudo tee /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/attr

If you find that improves things, you can add a line to /etc/rc.local

echo 8bit > /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/attr

so that the setting will survive a re-boot.

thanks will try that. last movies i tested lost signal similar place 1h40mins signal loss lasted about 20 seconds then fine rest of movie
seems to pitty to reduce 8bit like computer uses as 4k tv works fine with vero. thinking of buyung a better bandwidth hdmi cable.

I had same behaviour for few days after december update (not sure if it is related).

After reading this post:

i replaced really cheap, generic power supply that came with Vero with branded one and troubles seems to be gone for now…fingers crossed…
I think Sam should reconsider including better quality power supplies with new Vero units…

Well I’ve had worse PSUs from LG, dLink, Dell and Sony as well as lesser-known brands.

To be honest problems with original Vero PSU i believe started when i attached brand new, quality looking PSU from my brand new, well known brand NAS unit to power line followed by crackling sound and lights blink…
However all appliances connected to same power line worked after this event as they should - including NAS except Vero…
Also Vero PSU was connected to surge protector.

I’m happy to send you a replacement ‘cheap’ power supply :wink:

It sounds like you may have simply received a bad PSU.

While we can test every single device before dispatch, it’s harder to do with power supplies. As a result, we test a handful from each batch


No offence @grahamh but the Vero PSUs could definitely be better ( Id even pay for a better one) my experience with it was that a few months after I got my original 4k that is still used daily in a band practice place that is basically a renovated and insulated garage we started hearing very noticeable hissing and cracking In the loudspeakers when the vero and projector were on but idle ( no movie playing) First I thought something is wrong with the projector because vero is connected to it through hdmi and than a set of multimedia speakers is connected to the projector with a normal jack connector. But when I unplugged the hdmi cable from the projector and the hissing and buzzing was gone. I than replaced the generic cable that was connecting the projector with the speakers with a better cable wich almost fixed the issue and the hissing is now noticable only in total silence.

The electrical situation in our garage isn’t ideal and maybe the issue wouldn’t be noticed in a new house with new and proper wireing but it was very noticeable and still is if I connect the projector with the speakers using a generic cheap cable ( and the vero is connected )

If you think that’s an issue with the PSU please send me a PM so I can get this off you and analyse it.

I’m not saying the Vero PSU is the best in the world. All I’m saying is buying a ‘branded’ one won’t necessarily get you anything better. They are all made in the same factories.

found this

This is important information, as we are seeing some sources such as the Samsung UHD Blu-Ray player that only support 4:4:4 or RGB at 10 bit, both of which require the whole video chain to be 18Gbps capable. They could easily have used 12 bit at 4:2:2:, which would have enabled compatibility with 10.2Gbps chipsets.

from here

makes some sense. im thinking my weak link is hdmi cable to projector due to the vero using 10bit 4:4:4 probally the reason dont have issue with other devices i have bluray and pc as they play same files using 8bits to my projector.

i would change this on vero 4k box but would lose out on some quality with my uhd tv.

so for now thinking of using vero box just for tv to play 4k files with and my pc to play everything else through projector.

will order new 18gbps cable in future and test again via projector.

Just to be clear, vero uses 10 bits if:

  • the display advertises ‘deep colour’ and
  • the display supports a fast enough clock

In practice that means it falls back to 8 bits only if you force it to play 4k at 50/60Hz with a 10.2Gbit/s ‘board’.

Vero uses 4:4:4 unless:

  • the display cannot handle 4:4:4 at the chosen resolution and bit-depth or
  • the user selects 4:2:2 or RGB in display settings

In practice that means playing a 4k24Hz 10-bit video through a 10.2Gbit/s board it will use 4:2:2 and playing a 4k60Hz 10-bit video through a faster board it will use 4:2:0. Otherwise it uses 4:4:4.

hi grahamh,

thanks for reply.

im trying to understand. sorry for my ignorance.
most videos i play through vero 4k my av reicever shows 4:4:4 10bit 1080p 24hz hdmi signal info to my projector which is 1080p max.

when playing to my tv it varies more from 8bit to 12bits. and 4k

what im trying to find out is the bandwidth required for what the vero is sending out to my projector 10bit 24hz 1080p as the cable im using to projector is 10.2gbps not guaranteed at 18gbps

this doesnt cause any probs when playing from computer to projector. only difference is 10bit to 8bit.

I even tried using the same port on av reciever as pc for vero and cable.

every movie i played on vero at some point near the end usually signal gets lost for short period.

ive watched 5 movies this weekend on vero and 3 on pc just to make sure my cables not gone bad.

but vero only works without problems when using through my tv.

my setup
benq w1070 projector
deno n x2500h av reviever
samsung uhd7100 tv
usb powered drive plugged direct to vero
same as pc uses

Did you want me to PM you or the OP?

If you think your PSU is bad, I suggest you get in touch with me :slight_smile:
Same for BrainWash if he thinks the PSU is the issue.

I assume you also changed the HDMI cable though to rule out a shielding issue. This wouldn’t be indicative of a PSU issue; but rather grounding with your equipment.


2.78Gbit/s at 444, 2.23Gbit/s at 422.

so in that case my cable should be just fine. i thought it wouldnt be cable as using same one for pc and no issue.
will stick to using vero 4k for tv playback and pc for projector. thanks for help.
possibly a problem with projector and vero then.


ive ordered better hdmi cable coming tomorrow but also removed the usb hub i orderrd from because before i tested mostly with my 3 self powered seagate desktop harddrives plugged into that, tried a few movies with hub plugged in its with its own power and without still had issues.

then i tried using the osmc hub on my pc with the 3 harddrives plugged in watched the same movie same setup through kodi and no signal loss.

so thinking after watching through pc with hub the hub cant be the issue but…

i tested movie last night with no added hub 2 powered usb drives plugged into vero using xbox remote.

and movie played back without signal loss.

will do further testing after work today without hub. i guess its possible the osmc hub is doing something to interfere with signal somehow.???

wife watched same movie today where signal loss occured when watching with hub tbis time used without hub and was fine.
so every movie with hub failed and 2 tested without we had no signal loss. is this possible for the hub to interfere?