Vero4K wont boot anymore after kodi crashlooping

Alright so I came home to see Kodi crashlooping (tries to load, goes to splashscreen again, repeat)

I attempted to SSH into it to check the logs but the crashloop seems to reset the network connections every time so there’s no time to actually SSH into it before you get a reset.

I unplugged the Power, waited a bit and now it wont start up at all, i.e. no output on HDMI.

I see the front LED in red and checked the Optical Out and it also has power.

I attempted to flash an USB with the stock image and attach it to it and plug the PSU - no change, still dead.

Image was left stock apart from adding the grafana-agent for monitoring purposes, all vitals (CPU/Mem/HDD/Temp) were within normal ranges. At first I suspected that it ran out of disk-space as it almost had before (damn you 3G of thumbnails!) but with >50% free space it was far from it.


Seeing how this unit is ~4 years old I just bought a new one.

So I opened this one up and I can see heat build-up on the CPU when it’s powered on. I think it does attempt to do something.

I also noticed a button behind the Infrared (?) plug - what does that button do?

When your new device comes try the new power supply with the old device it might just be a power supply issue.

Not sure what you mean with that but ensure that the heat pad on the CPU still makes good contact with the heatsink of the case. It might help to either replace it or put some heat paste in between,

That button (press for 30 seconds) is to force the install of the recovery image from a SD Card but if you press it without a installer image it will make your Vero4k stuck in the installer routine.

Does it need to be on an SD Card or is a USB Stick good enough?

Let’s be honest, the unit survived +4 years without any issues - there’s absolutely no reason to complain whatsoever haha

I’m just going to poke around it now and see if I can get alive again for home assistant or similar appliances haha

Both should work. And I actually just got info that the recovery button is not needed anymore due to changes of the bootloader so you can just ignore that.
So generally a SDCard or USB Stick with the image from the download page should start the installer.

OK well that didn’t work so I guess PSU is on the table again…

I’m going to see if I can solder up a USB Male-Male cable from scraps to deliver power or if I actually have to venture out in the snowstorm to get one off the shelve…

(FInally got my forum account fixed again)

Snowstorm now, so I’m guessing a fellow “country man” even though our country “long”, the snowstorm refence tells me that you are probably more north of me, “Foppa’s hometown”. Saw pictures of friends in Norrbotten with fresh snow on FB. Will send you a PM in swedish, if it’s out of line, don’t feel the need to reply.

@f0o Deleted your ‘new’ account and merged your post to your old account.

I’d suggest trying to reinstall with a known good PSU.

Were you keeping the device up to date? Because newer bootloaders don’t need toothpick behaviour and older bootloaders behave a bit differently when it’s used.

Any USB peripherals connected? They might have been pushing the PSU over the edge



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Yep regularly updated and all - No peripherals.

I think the PSU is shot; Hooked it up to a multimeter and it wasn’t giving a steady output (vdc would drop sporadically)

I will likely hook it up to an USB at some point; seeing how I just ordered a replacement unit it’s no rush anymore (or ever was? :wink: ).

Also thanks very much for merging the accounts :slight_smile:


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@sam_nazarko yep it was the PSU, I just hooked up the old unit with the PSU of the new one that just got delivered :slight_smile:

I’m pulling a last backup now and then will repurpose the old unit for something else, would be a shame to let the HW go to waste… besides I always wanted an infinity mirror display but was always too lazy haha


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