Vero4k won't start, Red led on

Hi there.
My Vero4k shows only red led, no output, no ssh connection possible.
It was working fine for several months, no changes I could think of.
At some point I just turned on the TV and receiver and no signal. I saw the red light. I checked all connections, unplugged the PSU, plugged it back a few minutes later. No change.
I looked at other topics here.
Could it be a faulty PSU? Is there any way to check?

Try a reinstall.

This same issue just happened to me as well, incredibly frustrating, especially if I cant recover my settings or watched statuses. I was about to start a thread and thought it more sensible to post here.

Is there no way to back-up if a reinstall is needed? I’ve noticed in other threads it may be the AC adapter?

EDIT: Still a red light when attempting reinstall.

It could be the power supply. Start a support ticket with your order number

You can also power the device with a USB cable with the mains disconnected.



Can you explain how to use a USB cable to power the vero? All my usb power cables are from phones with USB to micro usb or USB-C.

EDIT: tried with the following USB-C ac adapter:

No luck on either USB ports

Did you disconnect the Vero power supply? And did you still get the red light?

Nothing connected besides the AC unit in the picture and no light what so ever.

I assume that it was plugged in? :grin: Do as Sam suggested and open a support ticket.

Indeed it was, I’ll proceed with a ticket.

Just a thought… But have you tried to use that A-C cable to charge a C device? Or just use it to transfer data?

Cable works fine, was able to do both. Even tried a different AC adapter with the cable and a power bank as well and still the same result.

And you did try both USB ports on the Vero. Definitely open a support ticket. And include this information.

Yes, I did try both, I mentioned that previously.

Hey there. I finally got some time and found a cable to try to power it through USB.
I had to go with several adapters, but once I did, the Vero did turn on, blue led.
I turned on TV and receiver and I have video output of HDMI, Kodi launched.
Everything’s fine except I probably don’t get enough power from the USB plug, everytime I send an IR commanrd (through Logitech Harmony hub blasters), the HDMI output blacks out for 1 second.

Anyway, I’ll open a support ticket right now.

I just used my USB-C to USB cable in my PC and it turned on and is working fine now.

Then the power supply is just an issue. Raise a warranty support request via the ticket system and mention your order number



Power supply has been shipped out to me. Thanks everyone for the help.

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I have the same problem with my Vero 4k+. It doesn’t boot and no connection with ssh. sometimes when i plug the ac in, the red light shows all the time, when i try i again, plug off and in again no red led light is on.

i tried another ac with 5v alreday and i have the same problem.

Start a support ticket if you are having problems.

sorry for the dumb question… where i can open a support ticket?