VeroV delayed remote keys

I’ve been using my new Vero V for a few days. Unfortunately the remote control sometimes hangs, or rather does not respond.

Is this related to the missing key presses?

Are you missing key presses?
If not, then I doubt this is the same issue.

Sometimes I press a key and nothing happens. The button only responds seconds later. Do you mean this? But the problem doesn’t always exist. Sometimes the buttons work immediately.

With the remote control + dongle from the Vero 4K+ there is the same problem on the Vero V. Is this normal?

No, and it is a different issue than what the previous topic was about therefore moved this to a new thread

Do you have a solution for me?

Unfortunately not but as you provided Logs hopefully someone else can help you.

I’m not spotting anything in those logs so can you let us know a bit more. What does the environment look like where the Vero is physically located (line of sight sitting under a TV, inside a closed cabinet, etc). Is there a router or wireless access point within a couple meters of the Vero? When this problem starts, how far from the Vero is the remote and what if anything is between the remote and the Vero? Next time this happens can you hold down at the same time the home and OK buttons until the light on the front of the remote goes solid and count out how long it takes for the light to go back out. The next time it acts up after that can you hold the remote above your head and note if the problem is the same as it was when you were using it normally.

Attached is a photo of the area. A WiFi router is not located in the room where the Vero V is located.

However, a USB 3.0 hub is connected to the Vero V.

The remote control is about 3 meters from the Vero V enfrent. There is a clear view and there is nothing in between.

With my Vero 4K+ everything works without any problems.

Why can’t it be the missing key presses problem? Because then only one button doesn’t work? And all other buttons work? I would then have to check again carefully to see if that is the case.

When I looked at your logs the first time I just checked the mounts to see if you had a hard drive plugged in possibly generating the USB 3.0 interference issue. Once I saw your photo it prompted me to take another look in your logs to find that you have a USB 3.0 hub plugged into the USB 3.0 port which I suspect is where the problem lies. Can you move that hub to being plugged into the black USB port and confirm the problem goes away?

On an unrelated note, LOL on the blue light blocker. You couldn’t find some black tape?

I will check it without USB hub. And I check the black connector. However, the Vero V isn’t of much use to me without a USB hub. Hard drives are connected to the USB hub for film playback. Vero V was advertised with USB 3.0 and was a reason for me to buy it.

On an unrelated note, LOL. You couldn’t leave out this unpleasant construction site lighting or solve it like with the Vero 4K+? :wink:

I’m just asking for a test with it plugged into the USB 2 port, not to remove it. I’m just trying to isolate the source of the problem as a step one. Even without anything plugged into that hub it turns on communications at a high frequency when plugged into the USB 3 port which can interfere with the remote. There is a new dongle for the remote in the works to deal with this problem.

Don’t look at me, I just volunteer some of my time to help others out. I personally have an extreme distaste for blue lights on electronics and think people who are responsible for their use should feel a great deal of shame and regret.

I really appreciate your help and would like to thank you for it. The support for OSMC is excellent.

I will report again.

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I have now connected the USB hub to the black 2.0 USB port. I only checked it for 5 minutes but it seems like that solved the problem. I also noticed that navigating the remote control works much faster and more smoothly. Is that possible or am I just imagining it?

So I’m waiting for the new dongle?

Without the RF noise it can seem that way, yes.

If you want to take advantage of USB 3 speeds for network transfer reasons (you don’t need the extra speed for playback) I’d suggest to use a USB extension cable and hang your old dongle off of that. Something like a 30cm plugged into the USB 2 port and wrapped around the back of the Vero so the dongle is sitting on the opposite side of the Vero should work well. If you want to keep your old remote for your old Vero there should be a replacement updated dongle available soon but to get the best result that you can it will also be optimal to have it physically separated from the USB 3 port. For warranty voiding reasons we are not going to be able to recommend people open their Veros to actually swap in the new dongles.

Why a 30cm cable and not directly to the USB 2.0 port.

When you have a USB 3 device active there is a fair bit of RF noise it can generate. As the USB 2 port is sitting behind the USB 3 port this means that there is the problem sitting between the remote and the receiver. I just say 30cm as that is long enough to get you to the other side of the Vero and a massive improvement from my testing. You could use a longer extension but you’re probably looking at minimal gains using a 1m vs. a 30cm extension.