Version for x86/x64


First of all, congratulations to Sam and the team for the first OSMC stable release!

Just wanted to ask if there is an x86/x64 version planned for full-fledged HTPCs, as I seem to recall Sam talking about it. Thanks!

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Yes, and this was mentioned in the announcement.

You can expect it around September




OK, thanks a lot!

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Any word on this release?

It’s still in the pipeline


Will it be able to be installed and run via usb drive

what is the status of this, ive been thinking on geting something more powerfull as a htpc and really like the ui of OSMC. I currently have this running on a rpi B and a Rpi B+ in two different rooms. Been thinking on swapping the one in the livingroom who is used most to something more powerfull.

imalso looking for this, and primarily for testing additional apps instead of testing on my soon to be PI2/OSMC

@sam_nazarko: Is there any possibility you could give a rough ETA? I’m really eager to get OSMC running on something more powerful than my RasPi2.

It’s being actively worked on if you check GitHub. Just need time to build it as well as a variety of hardware (AMD and NVIDIA) to ensure things work as expected.

There is also a lot of work being done on the new Vero which is being refreshed soon.



Thanks Sam, I’ll keep tabs on Github to track the progress.

If one would like to test the code currently on github for an example. How would one do ?
Can you install a fresh debian server and then build the osmc source to get a working osmc ?
or would one have to build the code to create a install media to install from ?

I’m glad to hear that OSMC x64 will be released soon. I’m waiting for it since months with the hope that all the benefits of a whole Debian System are ready for use. Specially a working X11 would be very nice! Please…

And Sam, thanks for your hard work. It’s a beautiful project.
Good Luck.

hi, it’s me again… when will the PC support released? In GitHub i only see little progress. I pray for the november update. But if not, a nightly-build for testing purposes would be also nice. :sunglasses:


It won’t be in the November update. A lot of work needs to be done for proper x64 support.


wow that was quick. Sad but true. :weary:
Thanks for your statement/update!

Any news om this?

Yes, it is still being worked on. It can be built and run from source, but you would have to manually partition