Version for x86/x64


@Danny_Holla why not linux host system, KVM virtualization + vfio GPU passthrough. This will allow you to have one host machine, 2 PCIe GPU cards and 2 OSs (Steam and OSMC) running at the same time. Currently I’m running such configuration on my HP Z800 - well I’m running between 10 and 12 VMs on it but only 2 of them are configured for GPU passthrough and the rest are headless (web servers, router and few other). If some one is interested this is one good reading about the topic of vfio virtualization.


Am not planning on building it till end of the year,… But I have been looking into this :slight_smile: looks interesting,… I have looked at unraid which uses Kvm also :slight_smile:
Thank for your reply


Hey, thanks a lot for putting energy in this, osmc is the heart of every tv in my house and now with the new intel compute sticks its going to be interesting for me. I understand there are some issues with the sound card for x5 and x7 cherry trail intel cpu’s. Just in case u consider the intel sticks there’s a kernel patch here:

Any exiting news about an alpha version?

Cheers and thanks for all your doing


Looking forward to get an UDOO board. And would love to install OSMC on it.
Thank you.


Loong time, anything yet? Progress report maybe?


No progress at this time – at least nothing for the end user


Any update on this?
I have a pretty fast PC lying around with a Hauppauge HVR 950 I sure would love to put OSMC on with TVheadend as my PVR backend.
I tried the Hauppauge in a Raspberry Pi 2 for U.S. OTA (ATSC) but couldn’t pick up any signals, hence the need for a good PC running a Linux distro, like OSMC, for a PVR backend.


Will have test builds soon.

You can already test things, but they’re Intel only, and you need to build some bits from source



Any update here?


Not at this time.
When there’s something to announce, it will be announced on the blog / newsletter.


Another one interested on this. I have changed my old raspberry for a new htpc and I don’t want to lose the chance of using OSMC. I guess still no news and nothing planned in short term?


Unfortunately same as before. Thanks for your patience.
The delay is primarily due to Secure Boot issues.


Is there we can do to help as users of OSMC? I’m guessing not, but figured I would ask just in case.


Not yet. When testing is necessary, I will let you know.
At the moment we are waiting on external vendors for a couple of things

It is still being worked on however, and it will happen



Any news? I can’t find info about x86 support anywhere.


No – there’s been no progress on this yet.
I will revisit it when Kodi v18 is released; as it means we won’t need to depend on X11 packages.