Versions with kodi 16 jarvis

Is there a way to tell which osmc versions have what versions of kodi? I want to try a build with jarvis to see if the live tv buffering issues im having will go away.

I recently had some huge issues with an old HTPC and running kodi 17 krypton with live tv. Long story short kodi 17, as far as im concerned is a huge turd just dealing with the massive audio sync problems alone. Jarvis has no issues what so ever. Im also thinking of getting a Pi3 B+ and if i need an osmc with support for that and also jarvis not krypton im not sure how to accomplish that?

Ive beeen spending weeks trying to resolve household issues with live tv and krypton and have seen a plethora of others with the same issues and the same complaints about Krypton and how jarvis was fine. Though very little solutions so reverting so far has been my only option.


I think the last version to feature Jarvis was Jan 2017, (2017.01-1).

Thanks Tom.

Yeah i saw references to postings, but i wasn’t sure if newer versions maybe had it too. I guess im lucky they keep so many older versions around.