Vertical stretch in osmc?

ok, I dont know if this is a question for the kodi forum but vero 4k + seems to be a great machine so I thought I should ask here.

Does osmc support the option to stretch 21:9 videos ( cinemascope) vertically so that the black bars are eliminated? I have an anamorphic lens that stretches the video horizontally to the proper form.

If yes is it also possible to also adjust how much the image is stretched, some tv shows have the 2:1 aspect ratio where the black bars are smaller and does not require the image to be stretchad as much as a 21:9 video.

Currenly I have a projector that can stretch 21:9 videos but I cant adjust it for 2:1 videos, it’s either watch with smaller black bars or watch with some of the image cropped. I have a plan to buy a new projector with stretch feature + zoom so that I can also zoom away the black bars on 2:1 videos, but if this can be done in osmc I dont need to buy that expensive projector :slight_smile:

Vertical shift is supported during playback

The osmc skin isn’t available in 21:9 however.


While playing the video, choose the video context menu (film reel icon on the OSMC skin) then try adjusting pixel ratio.

A pixel ratio of 0.76 should do it. But I believe most DVD/BD rips are actually 16:9 with the black bars baked in. If that’s the case, you then need to adjust Zoom to 1/0.76 (= 1.32) to fill the screen.

Not sure what you mean by your projector can play 21:9 videos - you mean with or without the anamorphic lens? Anyway, play with those settings and see what you get.

ok, I will try it once I get my vero, yesterday I did a test on kodi on a windows machine but no matter what video settings I changed the black bars was not removed.

Yes I have a stretch function in my projector + anamorphic lens = 21:9 widescreen :slight_smile:

If you rip them untouched the black bars are in because the BluRay Standard is 1920x1080p = 16:9 = 1.78. If you have a movie with black cinema bars they are just encoded in the file (which by some blurays is a major issue because some companys ■■■■ up the black bars).

If you encode it then you can crop the black bars and set the Player will put the black bars in.

Then you end up with bollocks resolutions like 1920x1088. At least they stay divisible by 16.


No you are not you can use mod2, Amazon is doing that with there streaming content. Iam not a huge fan of encoding anyway but some blurays have terrible black bars (because falsely mastered).

“Speed Kills” with John Travolta is a good example, the US BluRay is totally messed up.

How exactly can they mess up masking? What does it look like?

They Black bars are shifting from grey to blue and then black on other blurays (one german bluray i know of) they completly left the bars “grey”. Sometimes its really unbelievable what some BluRays Companys are doing.

Example of some german bluray (i forgot the name maybe i can look it up):

Look at the black bars they are just not “black”.