Very good install of OSMC on a Raspi B+, but language in everything except " My OSMC" is Dutch

Can someone please walk me through a procedure to change to English or do I need to go through a reinstall?
The initial selection was “English” but everything except items in “My OSMC” , i.e. VIDEO. MUSIC etc. Somehow reverted to Dutch.
The Raspi B+ may be too slow for OSMC, and I Am using a wireless mouse/keyboard; the mouse may have triggered some unintended change during final setup, and It seems that the whole thing works more smoothly with keyboard alone.

you could try this shouldnt take to long

if thats no good try

main menu go down until you see the spanner
click right
then select top option on the sub menu
click down then right and select the top option again and the find English on the list

Hey! I considered that Rosetta option after a few fruitless hours. I will follow your plan and let you know the result sap.
Thank you for the quick reply.

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If you don’t want to figure out how to change it via OSMC in a foreign language, I suggest the following:

  • SSH in to the device
  • Run the following commands

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
rm .kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

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I am still grinning about the Rosetta link. Pretty cool.
You included “spanner” in your instruction, and I could not find it. It was evident that something had failed to install, and since “Update” mode has some of the characteristics of “reinstall”, I went through an update and left it alone for about 20 minutes. Patience rewarded. All functions are installed, addons added on, and now the hurdle is audio. Many posts indicate that this can be difficult so I am trying several methods with DAC’s and amplifiers.
The video was operational with the YouTube addon, but that may not mean much. Except that WiFi works.
OSMC is a very impressive program. I am still in the learning stages of media streams and coding etc., and your posts here and on other boards are quite helpful.

Thanks for the prompt reply.
I am not very good yet at SSH and coding, so tried a workaround through “UPDATE”, and that has solved most of the dilemma.
I found the path to language selection, and instaled a bunch of addons. Now I need to get the frontends to work.
You will see in my contacts with PacktPublishing that I have your “Raspberry Pi Media Center” publication, which arrived here just as I learned that you had switched horses to OSMC.
And OSMC appears to be superior to Raspbmc in both performance and breadth. Perhaps you could issue a user manual similar to the Raspi, for the amateurs (me) in the cloud.
I intend to try your recommended workaround, but would first like to see and hear this OSMC on the raspi B+.
Best regards

Hi Jeshop

I tried speaking to a gentleman named Owen R at Packt, but they were only interested in Raspbmc as a 2nd Edition, not OSMC… That said, any queries you may have, please let me know.

I think it would be better if we published a manual ourselves in print in the future. This would let me do what I want to do: offer a PDF for free and charge a much fairer price for a print copy.


There are some sections in your Raspi manual which can be used as guides for some basic aspects of xbmc installation and use, and my copy is on the desk here now as a reference. However, since OSMC is almost a complete replacement for Rasbmc, it might be a better idea to withdraw it from print. (It is still on shelves and available here, only useful for those who insist on carrying on with Raspbmc)
I like the PDF suggestion since it would be available on a tablet in seconds. But, “free” is not a good idea. John Forsyth (haberdasher circa 1930) said: “No one ever regretted paying for quality”.


I will take your thoughts into consideration here. Thanks :smile:


I couldn’t resist :smile:

glad you are getting further so your back on the right language now ?, I dont have allot of experience with audio set ups etc I just have a straight hdmi to TV no fancy surround sound or anything so audio wasn’t much of a problem.

im no expert either, have learnt lots more recently trying to get my setup done than I have in a long time and try to pass on where i can :smiley:


Sam: P.S.
I have a reply from Packt Publishing, received April 6, concerning my comments re your manual. They may be having difficulty contacting you.

Removing .kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml worked for me!

The SSH username is osmc and default password is osmc as found in this post.