Very new, need help

Hello, I started by following this guide.

OSMC is running on the Raspberry Pi 2 and I can navigate the menus just fine. But what is the next step? I still don’t understand how to use it. I’ve looked up setup videos and people seem to already have movies installed on it which is confusing. My current goal is to access an Infinitv 6 ETH on the same network and record to a USB thumbdrive. I’ve seen videos of people doing similar but they leave out how to configure it. Please help.

Edit: fixed truncated link.

TheSKARD1, I personally do not have a Raspberry device, but can suggest a good course to fulfill it’s use like I have done with my devices (1st Gen AppleTV, and Vero). With your Raspberry device and the installed OSMC which I presume you have Kodi media center installed you are just a few steps away from streaming media content from a storage device.

You next step that you ask…

Either network map from your Raspberry/Kodi to a storage device (NAS, PC, etc.) containing media (Videos, Audios, Pictures, etc.), or connect a USB flash drive, USB External Drive containing media (Videos, Audios, Pictures, etc.).

A good place to start is the following HOWTO…

No, I don’t even know how to install something in OSMC. I followed that guide up to “Performance optimization and customization tips” because several of the menu items it mentions aren’t there.

That rather defeats the purpose. If it involves using another system I can just view the files on that system. I don’t plan on using the Pi in conjunction with another system. I don’t have any systems I want to leave on while I’m away. That’s why I got the Pi to record TV shows as they air instead of using another system with the Infinitv 6 ETH.