Very Old School - Composite Out - B+ & Pi 2

Dear community, this one has me scratching my head because it could just be me with one faulty cable.

The issue I have is there is no other way of testing this cable that I have to hand currently.

1 x 4 pinned mini audio/video jack plug plugged into both a B+ board and a Pi 2 all running OSMC.

Both producing the same result.

I know it is old school stuff (not HDMI output) but wanted to see if I could plug a new pi into my old set up while I wash dishes!

Is it my cable? Does anyone have OSMC working out of a mini jack via composite?

Thanks in advance muchly

The plugs contact configuration is different for the PI2 than many other devices.

That diagram is actually wrong - an iPod video does not reverse left and right audio compared to other devices. (The tip is always left audio - and yes, I do still own an iPod video… :slight_smile: )

Here is one that is correct:

The pinout for the PI-2 was right though since i had rewired a plug with it and it worked fine.
And I’m too old to have ever owned an IPOD so I wasn’t too concerned about it.
I come from an era of thermionic valves. :smile:

Yes the pinouts for the Pi were correct but wrong for the iPod - I brought this up because iPod compatible cables are what is recommended for the Pi due to them being wired the same way as the Pi B+ / Pi 2. (In fact from what I’ve read the Pi foundation consciously chose to follow the same wiring standard as the iPod Video when designing the new port in the B+)

Most (but not all) camcoder cables will also work if you swap the red and yellow plugs.

Thank you for the input. What a great community. I never knew that there were different pin out configurations used on mini jacks with video out. All working now. Saved a lot of troubleshooting head-scratching etc! Thanks again