Very slow with Titan skin in Kodi

Downloaded osmc a couple of days ago.
Installed the Titan skin in Kodi som i Can build a wife friendly Main menu with as few as possible buttons :D.

But it is very slow and i can’t find my SMB inside Titan when making shortcuts.

Anyone have problems with slow skins?

Do you have a pi1?
Some modern skins might be a bit heavy on ram and cpu for the old models.

Sorry, forgot to write that it is a pi3.
I have no problem streaming 1080 movies

Watching movies depends on the gpu.

I’ve recently started using Titan on RPI2 with USB and Turbo setting.
It’s not slow.
But there’s a long pause sometimes (around 15-20 seconds) for some
of the menus (program channels, recordings, etc).
But otherwise, it’s quick.
Also, it crashes sometimes, and I have to reboot RPI.
Previously I was using Amber, and it was fine: quick and no crashes.
(am thinking about going back to Amber, but Titan is good too)