Veto stuck on Preparing after Vero OSMC update operation on 5th Feb 2016

I executed an Vero (v1.0) OSMC update on Friday 5th Feb and now on reboot / logon the system is stuck in “Preparing” cycle and refuses to mount and scan my NAS. This was working fine using out of the box OSMC UI controls before the update - any thoughts / guidance please?

I have been into FileManager and remade the mount connection to the NAS = fine. Rebooted but still stuck on “Preparing” even if I request a stop for Library Scan.

NAS is working fine and serving the same volume to other consuming devices in the household, so this leads me to believe that there is a change / bug / feature in the latest OSMC release (perhaps) ?

Any help / guidance please?


Alex, you would need to provide more details and logs.
If you can ssh into the Vero run grab-logs - A
Otherwise read How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC for advice on how to help us.

A photo of this preparing screen could also help