Video backgrounded

I’m experiencing a strange, irregular problem on my Vero4k that is getting very frustrating.
When I open a video file from Twitch, YouTube or locally the video tends to get pushed into the background with no sound and no video. In the top, right corner however I can see the title playing and the timer starting.
This has never happened to me on the first video file, only on any number after that. A reboot seems to be the only thing working for me.
I will try to replicate the problem tomorrow and upload a few logs (which one do I need?), in the meantime I would appriciate any help at all.

Please upload all logs.


Hi, you can find the logs here:

Set System > Display > Resolution to 1920x1080p and the refresh rate to the one that most of your media is.
And then set System > Player > Adjust Refresh Rate to On start/stop

Hey, thanks for the tips. I followed your advice and will give it a try.
Edit: I can now confirm that the problem remains

Anybody else got an idea? Kinda desperate here, as the problem remains

try uninstalling spotify add-on and see if the issue remains. You can run raspotify on your Vero4k, and use it as a spotify connect device from your phone. PM me if you need instructions for Raspotify.

Thank you for your reply. Now that you mention it, the first time the problem occured has to be somewhere around the Installation of Spotify. I am just not sure if it was before or after the install.
Anyway, I uninstalled it and will take it for a spin tomorrow afternoon. Thanks in advance!

Edit: Unistalling Spotify solved the problem