Video calibration missing on Vero2. Display = "Windowed"?

Hi. I did a fresh install of the Jan 2017 OSMC last night and then performed the major update to Kodi 17. I am using my Vero2 with a samsung plasma TV. In the previous version of Kodi I was able to adjust for overscan using the video calibration settings. However, in Kodi 17 the option to calibrate the screen is not present. In addition, the display seems to be set to “windowed” whereas previously it was “full screen”. It appears ful screen on the TV but I was wondering whether that is why the video calibration is not available?

My TV doesn’t allow for overscan adjustment itself so I had to fudge it by adjusting the zoom of the user interface and also the zoom amount when playing a video. Not ideal. Is there a cleaner solution to this available?

Also, it’s only been 2 hours so I can’t say this is a problem yet but when I turned the TV on today Kodi display was frozen with the time at 12:00AM. Remotes wouldn’t work, I used an app remote control and could hear the UI sounds (clicks, swipes etc) but the display didn’t change. Had to pull the power to get it to work again.

Calibration is certainly still there. Vero2 has always been set to “Windowed”. It’s not an issue.

Thanks for sharing what your screen looks like. I wish I could say the same…

Again, this was a clean install and then upgraded straight away.

Any other ideas?

Ok, press left on any settings screen. Change the settings level to Expert.

They are already set to Expert

Not sure how that could be possible that calibration is missing from expert settings. You must have some other issue. Try changing to Estuary and see if the calibration is available there.

I also will suggest providing grab-logs -A so we can see if something jumps out that would explain.

Yep tried that already. Tried Estuary, the OSMC default and confluence. Missing from all of them. I made no other setting changes or downloaded anything (other than the confluence skin) after the fresh install, so this is as vanilla as it gets.

Without logs, we can go no further then.

Have you tried to switch through the Settings Level, e.g. advanced and then expert maybe something stucked

Thanks. That’s done it. I had it on “Advanced” mode rather than “Expert”. I guess they must have buried it deeper in the settings than it used to be.