Video Calibration not saving on reboot

Hi Guys,

I have a bit of an annoying problem. Every time Kodi restarts I have to go through the video calibration settings to line up the edges of my TV. I had a search around the forums but couldn’t seem to find anything that was relevant. My guisettings.xml appear to have the correct permissions and it appears to be updating ok judging by the date next to it.

As a side issue the skin settings do not save either. I use Aeon Nox and the changes I make to the main menu do not save either. I’m unsure whether this is related or not. I’ve had this issue since I installed OSMC last week.

My current setup is a 160Gb ATV1. I’m using the HD install of OSMC version 2016.07-1 (kernel: Linux 4.2.3- 13-osmc). Screen resolution is 1920x1080 on a 50" Panasonic TV. I should say that I have seen something about disabling overscan but I am unsure whether this can be done on this TV and I’ve had previous versions of xbmc/kodi display fine on this TV.

If there is any further information you need just let me know. Any help will be much appreciated.


If you are editing guisettings.xml via the command line, then you need to stop Kodi before editing this file.

Hi Sam,

Thanks for the prompt response and for your work so far on OSMC.

I am not editing the file through the command line I am doing it in Kodi through Settings>system>video>video calibration. I think that’s the path anyway but I’m away from my machine at the minute and relying on memory. It’s the bit in Kodi with the arrows that you line up with the edge of the screen.


How are you shutting down after making changes?

Hi ActionA,

Thank you for your response. I’ve restarted a number of ways from simply using the reboot function through Kodi or where there has been an update through osmc requiring Kodi to exit I’ve pulled the plug out after it had exited Kodi.


If you change the screen percentage it will survive a reboot, other settings will not.
You should really turn off overscan on your TV

Discovered the problem. The TV is not actually 1080p but 720p. So I assume it was a scaling error as the TV scaled down from 1080p. Changing the resolution to the native 720 appears to have fixed the problem.

I have same issue but I do not reboot osmc so often, my problem is that every time that I switch to tv input on wich is rpi is connected I need to do recalibration. But as I remember in the past with raspbmc had same issue and someone helped me with editing config file, but can’t remember what was the solution and as raspbmc forum is not accessible I can’t find thread.
Does someone have idea what can I try to do?